Affirmations for this Insane Mercury Retrograde

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling this particular Mercury Retrograde (Oct. 31 – Nov. 20, 2019) to the core. Bouts of pure, heart-beating-out-of-my-chest anxiety have been happening almost daily since Halloween, for absolutely no apparent reason. And, no, that is not a normal occurrence for me.

Plans and contracts have fallen through. My computer is acting questionably. My kids aren’t sleeping very well. I’m not sleeping very well… mostly because of the kids.

Communication with certain people has been… weird. And I just feel that the energy of everyone surrounding me, in general, is, well, weird.

True to my Self, I have been stuffing the ol’ crystals in the bra, listening to lots of Abraham-Hicks clips on youtube as I work on my various business endeavors, while diffusing a lovely blend of sage, bergamot, patchouli, and magnolia essential oils to “cleanse the demons” (as I like to call purifying the energy of my home. It really is fun to say in my best southern belle accent).

All this while constantly deflecting negative thoughts and limiting self-talk by barking positive, good-feeling affirmations in my head, like one of those crazy homeless people you see pacing around and muttering then randomly shouting something incoherent.

Is it working? Sure! I still feel all the weirdness. But, focusing my attention on pure, positive, joyful affirmations and really allowing myself to feel the good feeling emotions of those lovely thoughts pulls me away from the oppressing energies and influences of this retrograde.

What are the Effects of Mercury Retrograde?

Communication is affected, first and foremost. Which, of course, is related to the Throat Chakra.

Not just in the literal sense of communication, as in talking to one another, but also electronically, contractually, and nonverbally.

So, basically:

  • Be careful and exact in your communications with others
  • Avoid signing contracts (making big purchases, applying for loans, marriage, signing a new lease, business contracts/partnerships, etc.)
  • Be patient when working with electronics as they are not our friends at the moment
  • And, try really hard not to read too much into other people’s weird behaviors.

When the Throat Chakra is unbalanced, all sorts of crazy feelings can ensue, especially depression and anxiety. Oh, and by the way, when your Throat Chakra is unbalanced, so are all of the rest of your chakras, as the Throat Chakra serves as the portal or entryway for universal energy flow. So, there’s that.

It is no wonder that we feel like complete trash can loony-bins during this time. Everything within us and around us is totally askew.

Affirmations for this Insane Mercury Retrograde

What are these magical affirmations I repeatedly mutter to myself?

Please, allow me to share with you the words and phrases that I find the most helpful. Also, feel free to pick and choose what resonates best with your inner Self.

“I am the creator of my world.”

I am bold, brave, and free to speak my truth.

“Being my true self is of utmost importance.”

“I have no fear of expressing my creativity.”

“Not now, but soon”

“I am centered and grounded”

“I am so happy to be here in the now”

“Everything always works out for me”

“Right now, I choose to focus on only what makes me feel good”

“I feel good”

“This moment is beautiful”

“I truly am happy where I currently am”

“The Universe has my back and is working out the best plan for my highest good”

“I attract pure, positive abundance”

“My energy is not defined by that of those around me”

How are you handling this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio? Do you find any of these affirmations to be helpful in preserving your positive energy? Do you have any methods for evading the bad retrograde ju-ju that you hold dear to your heart? Please share with me below!

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