About Pink Moon

What the Pink Moon Represents

The Pink Moon occurs in April, when the bright pink flowering ground phlox appears, signaling Spring. A time for rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Taking a step towards consciously curating self-care rituals and using products that help you feel your best self also signifies the beginning of something extraordinary. By allowing ourselves to indulge in daily self-loving habits, we spark a revitalization within that can spread throughout all aspects of our lives.

 About the Creator

Ginny Paul is a Certified Master Herbalist through the Florida School of Holistic Health.

 Ginny retired from hands-on work as a licensed massage therapist and began focusing on learning everything she could about herbalism, aromatherapy, and producing high-quality, non-chemical-laden body and home products. Over years of constant learning, tweaking, and developing a fragrance line that she describes as “a deliciously aromatic and comforting bath and body experience,” Pink Moon Apothecary was born.