Root Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations for the Root Chakra are positive words and sayings that are meant to be repeated to yourself to give you a higher sense of groundedness, a feeling of security in your own skin and in your relationships with others, and more confidence and security with your finances. Repeating affirmations regularly has the tremendous power to help restore balance and alignment to your chakra system. A great place to start, of course, would be the 1st chakra, or the Root Chakra.

What is the Root Chakra?

  • 1st Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: Muladhara
  • Location: Base of spine. Specifically located at the perineum – found between the genitals and anus.
  • Color: Red
  • Element: Earth
  • Spiritual Attributes: Survival, Grounding, Safety, Security, Sense of Self, Physical identity, Basic needs, Foundation of life

In the system of 7 chakras, the root chakra (also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit) is the 1st. The grounding root chakra is found at the base of the spine, or more specifically, at the perineum between the genitals and anus. The root of our physical being.

Healthy, Balanced Root Chakra

The root chakra is quite literally the root, basis, or the starting point of our development. It is here that we become grounded with the spirit of the earth. The Muladhara supports us as we grow and develop our sense of physical self. It is the chakra of basic needs, safety, and security.

Physically we obtain our sense of safety and security through means of basic needs being met, such as getting enough to eat and drink, physical exercise, intimacy, interconnectedness, as well as plenty of rest.

Externally, we obtain this sense of safety and security by obtaining the desired housing, clothing, transportation, and of course, financial security.

What is it like to have a healthy, balanced root chakra?

  • You feel as though you belong
  • Increased sense of self-worth, self-love, self-trust, and self-admiration
  • Are in control, or have a sense of being in control of yourself, your life, and your surroundings
  • Stronger ability to live as your authentic self.
  • Feel strongly connected to nature, other people, and your surroundings
  • Have a healthy relationship with money, no longer having a sense of fear or insecurity in financial matters.
  • Are secure in your relationships, both intimate and platonic.
  • Additionally, you have healthy relationships with family members, or at least have come to a place of forgiveness and comfortable distancing if necessary.
  • Feel physically strong and capable.
  • Are less defensive.

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Root Chakra

Tree that has fallen on its side with the root system sticking up in the air.
Photo by Xiang Gao 
  • Feel out of place and have a hard time being your true, authentic self around others.
  • Often feel spacey, with your head in the clouds.
  • In addition, you may even feel dizzy and/or “disconnected”
  • Unable to properly focus on even menial tasks.
  • Excessively worry about the future, especially regarding finances.
  • Suffer from anxiety from a constant fear of loss.
  • Have trouble maintaining relationships with friends and family.
  • Also, you tend to isolate yourself from others.
  • Tend to do everything yourself because you have a hard time asking for help.
  • Have a deep-seated fear of losing control.
  • Easily offended and are on constant defense.
  • Tend to be a workaholic, fearing loss of financial support.
  • Cling on to material possessions. You have a hard time getting rid of anything for fear of being without or never having enough.
  • Tend to be overly emotional OR
  • Have a hard time properly expressing your emotions
  • Have issues with lower back, hips, legs, and/or feet.
  • Struggle with eating disorders. Either not eating enough, or eating too much.
  • Tend to carry extra weight around the hips, buttocks, and thighs (for those that are overly emotional) OR
  • Have underdeveloped hips, buttocks, and thighs (on the smaller side) and tend to look “pinched in” (For those that have a hard time expressing their emotions. You are literally holding them in)
Image of gold wrapped tree with roots with title "Root Chakra Affirmations"

Healing Affirmations for the Root Chakra

There are many methods for bringing balance to the root chakra. Healing affirmations are something you can do anywhere and at any time. When you feel yourself becoming ungrounded and in the clouds, or struggling to maintain your sense of security and personal relationships, try using some of the following affirmations to strengthen and embolden your root chakra:

"My Spirit is grounded deep in the earth"
“My Spirit is grounded deep in the earth.”

  1. “I am centered and grounded”
  2. “My spirit is grounded deep in the earth”
  3. “I am connected to nature and my surroundings”
  4. “I allow myself to feel safe and grounded”
  5. “My home is safe and secure”
  6. “I am always safe”
  7. “I have the power to overcome my fears”
  8. “The universe protects and loves me”
  9. “My needs are always met”
  10. “I am financially secure”
  11. “My future is financially secure”
  12. “I am open and receptive to abundance”
  13. “Abundance flows to me”
  14. “I attract positive abundance”
  15. “I live an abundant, prosperous life”
  16. “My life is successful”
  17. “I create the reality that I desire”
  18. “I have the power to change my life”
  19. “I am well”
  20. “I am secure in my body”
  21. “I love my body and my spirit”
  22. “I vow to express my true, authentic self”
  23. “Everyday, I share my true self with others”
  24. “I release self-limiting fears and beliefs”

Pick and choose which affirmations feel right to you. Say them to yourself in the morning as you get ready for your day, while you drive to work or the store, or while cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes in the evening. You can meditate on healing affirmations at any time of the day to help bring your focus to positivity and enlightenment.

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