Tarot Card for Covid-19

Tarot Card for Covid-19

There hasn’t been a single conversation that I have had with anyone over the past week(s) that hasn’t eventually led to the expression of fear and anxiety over this crazy Covid-19 pandemic. These are some strange and scary times that we suddenly find ourselves in and it is impossible not to worry about how exactly this is going to affect our future.

So, with all of this worry and fear hovering over us like a dark cloud I felt like drawing a card for the collective would be a great idea. I know that I would like to know what the Universe has to say about our situation and how we might make better use of our time and thoughts, and I figured that you might like the same.

The Four of Wands

There is still cause for celebration.

The message that I interpret from this card is that this time is all about caring for each other, spending time with those that we physically can, celebrating the blessings we do have, and finding all the silver linings that we can muster while allowing ourselves to appreciate and celebrate them.

Many of us that have been in quarantine are finding ourselves shut in with others, whether we like it or not. For many, this extra time with loved ones is a double-edged sword. Yes, it is frustrating to no end to be trapped inside with nowhere to go, hanging out with the same people and doing the same things on repeat.

But, if we change the way that we think by choosing to look for what can be celebrated, this time is also a blessing.

Make this time a blessing in your life by trying to focus on the quality of time you are spending with those around you. Choose to make as many good memories in this time that you can.

Spend time your spouse, friend, or loved one and find common things to do. Love on your children, and fill their emotional buckets full of love and attention. Call your parents and other loved ones and check on them and make sure they know that you care.

Let’s take this time to care for each other.

We are all connected and we are being forced to acknowledge this right now. Just look at how the entire world can relate to this insanity. We are all going through the same thing – just some have it harder than others.

Now, more than ever, we have to look out for one another. If we have to do this by staying away from each other, then do it. That is caring for others. If people need some flipping toilet paper, share some of your hoard. (Ok, that may be more me saying that than the card, but come on people.) Sharing is caring, let us not forget!

From this reading, I see this time as an opportunity for us to work on intentionally celebrating every little thing that we can find to be happy about. Let’s focus on the positives and try to shift this anxious, negative energy that is surrounding us into a collective calm and confidence that we will come out of this and we will all be ok.

What silver linings can you find in our current quarantine situation?

I would love to hear your stories!

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