Amazonite Crystal Study with Healing Properties

Title with background image of tumbled Amazonite stones

Lately, with Mercury in retrograde…again.., I have been more drawn to throat chakra healing stones, such the amazing Amazonite. When Mercury goes into retrograde, all forms of communication go completely berserk, so it is important to focus our intentions on balancing the energies of the throat chakra. Since this chakra is also the channel in which the universal energies flow to all other chakras, it is especially important to try to keep it as balanced and healthy as possible.

Amazonite Study with Green and Purple Floral Border
Hand Drawn Amazonite Crystal Study with Floral Frame

How do you know which stones to use?

If you have no problem seeing and identifying colors, then you can easily identify which stones to work with for different ailments. Each chakra in the system of seven chakras coordinates with a color or group of colors.

As you learn about each chakra and the parts of body and mind that each rule, then you will gain an understanding of where exactly you are out of balance. Once you can identify which chakras are most out of alignment, then you can start working with the coordinating stones.

Since we are talking about the throat chakra here, then we would be on the hunt for stones in the blue family.

Amazonite comes in beautiful shades of blue-green/teal/aqua/turquoise. Since these colors straddle the lines of blue and green, Amazonite is a useful stone for both the throat and the heart chakras.

Amazonite Study with Magnolia Border
Hand Drawn Amazonite Study with Magnolia Border

Healing Properties of Amazonite

  • Stimulates the Throat and Heart Chakras
  • Known as the Stone of Courage and Truth
  • Magnifies one’s intentions to manifest
  • Enables movement beyond the fear of judgment
  • Protects against electromagnetic pollution
  • Provides freedom to express one’s true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional
  • Helps to overcome loneliness
  • Provides Harmony and Balance
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Provides soothing energy for the home and workplace
  • Enables one to set strong and clear boundaries
  • ¬†It balances masculine/feminine energies as well as many aspects of the personality
  • Awakens compassion and empathy for others
  • Protects against unfair business practices and others taking advantage
  • Also known as a stone of prosperity as it attracts business and new customers.
  • ¬†Assists one in being in the right place at the right time for new opportunities
  • Amazonite increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect
  • Raises the vibrations of one’s perspective of current-reality to a more positively aligned one

Can you believe the amazing healing properties of Amazonite?

I want to literally surround myself with these magical stones for the rest of my days.

Do you have any favorite Amazonite pieces in your collection?

How have you found Amazonite to be helpful for you?

I would love to hear from you!

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