Money Tarot Reading – Uncover Your Potential For Abundance

Money Tarot Spread with Numbered Cards

Does money elude you?

Do you feel like you’re barely making ends meet from month to month, scrounging for money to pay your bills and put food on the table? Or maybe you are just fine covering your expenses, but just can’t seem to earn enough for lavish vacations, spa treatments, an updated wardrobe, or, you know, whatever other wonderful extras you might want in your life?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never have to worry about money? To just be able to manifest it, seemingly out of thin air?

We all have the potential to attract more money.

Everyone has the ability to attract abundance. Contrary to what many believe, there is plenty to go around and each one of us is deserving of vast riches. All we have to do is release our limiting beliefs and blockages and allow abundance to flow to us.

But, what are those blockages? Are you aware of what is holding you back from your fullest financial potential? What is your current relationship with money? Do you have limiting beliefs do you need to let go of? And, how are you going to overcome these self-imposed blockages to receive your abundance?

Money Tarot Spread with Numbered Cards

With this Money Reading you learn:

  1. Your current relationship with money, or current financial situation
  2. Financial strengths
  3. Financial weaknesses
  4. What is blocking your potential for prosperity
  5. Changes that need to be made in order to release those blockages
  6. Potential opportunities for abundance
  7. Message from Source about receiving your abundance

Are you interested in Tarot, but don’t read cards for yourself?

Check out this listing in the shop, where you can invest in this Money Tarot Reading to give yourself peace of mind as you discover how to overcome the financial blockages in your life.

What is Tarot? 

Tarot is a link between the reader and Spirit. A form of communication from the Universal Energies, the Angels, our Spirit Guides, our Ancestors, and those who have passed before us. The cards are tools that help to coach us through our trials and tribulations and offer us glimmers of hope to overcome life’s hurdles and get a peep of the light at the end of the tunnel. Each message offers insight – mostly good, but also some that can be tough to hear, although much needed to allow us to truly understand ourselves and our situations.  

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