Seven of Cups | Daily Tarot Card

The Seven of Cups immediately jumped out of my deck as I started to shuffle for todayÔÇÖs message for all of you. This is a sure sign that this message is meant to be heard!

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups Tarot card. Artwork by Nicoletta Ceccoli
Dreamy deck by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Key Concepts:

­čî┐Too many choices
­čî┐Scattered energy
­čî┐Conflicting Desires

You may find yourself facing too many choices or different paths. If you are not sure which direction to go or which choice should be made, this is a sign that the decision is best left to wait. Hold off until your true desires become clear and you are sure that your decision is sound.

Take time to meditate and clear your mind of your worries. Let go of all of the choices laid out in front of you. Release the stress of making decisions and focus on the here and now.

Does this reading resonate with you? I would love to hear from you!

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