Searching for Joy and Appreciation in all Situations

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Searching for joy and appreciation in all situations takes practice. It is ridiculously easy to get caught up in everyday miseries and worries. So easy, that irritation, frustration, and misery tend to be the go-to states of being for most everyone.

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One bad moment in the day can start an avalanche of more bad moments to follow. Because you get so focused on that one irritating thing that happened, another equally irritating thing happens. Then another. And another. Then, by the end of the day, you are ready to crawl in a hole and hide from all of the stupid, irritating nonsense that has followed you around all day.

That’s what happens when we focus on the irritations!

What you turn your focus towards brings more of the same of whatever that thing is.

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Don’t get me wrong. It is super frustrating to be faced with these dumb situations that are completely out of your control. It happens to every single person on this planet no matter how aligned their spirit is with joy and appreciation. S@%& happens. All-day, every day.

But, the thing is, how are you handling it when it does?

You could easily be like most everyone else and find yourself in a windfall of misery. Thrashing about, complaining to everyone you see. Constantly replaying your annoyances in your head like a torturous, irritating movie stuck on a loop. That’s easy, right?

OR, you could take your irritations in stride. Acknowledge the dumb crap that happens, then send those thoughts away.

Focus on the “goodness”

Focus on what good you want to accomplish that day. Think about the nice compliment you may have received recently. Tell yourself you are AWESOME and your day is MAGIC. Think about that thing that you have to look forward to. Don’t have a thing? Dream up something that you want to do. Then focus on that.

But, what if something truly awful happens, you say?

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Of course, we all go through truly disparaging moments in life. We lose loved ones. We lose things that are precious to us. Plans fall through. Sometimes, we just plain feel hopeless and absolutely miserable in whatever situation we are in.

So, what do you do? How can you feel joy and appreciation when you have gone through such tragedies?

First, you feel that pain. Feel it. It is ok to feel pain and sadness. It is a part of our being.

Then, you remind yourself to feel thankful for being given the opportunity to realign your spirit with gratitude, joy, and appreciation for what you still have. Appreciate the moments that you did get to have before feeling that loss and despair. Focus on the happy times that you had.

You know what you don’t want, so now think of what you do want.

Now, you know what you don’t want. You have been shown how awful things can feel. That is now old news. You know you are in a place that you would prefer not to be. But, instead of focusing on that disparity, you turn your attention to what would make it better.

How do you want to feel? Focus on that.

Where do you want to be? Focus on that.

What exactly makes you feel that feeling of joy that is so wonderful and uplifting? Focus on that.

What you turn your focus towards brings more of the same of whatever that thing is.

Like I said before, what we focus our attention on brings more of that same thing. So, if you are able to turn your attention to what will make you feel good, then more of those “feel-good” feelings will come your way.

What will make you happy? Daydream about the goodness you are capable of creating. Don’t limit yourself with doubts about your capability. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING. Allow yourself to daydream about extraordinary things.

Before you know it, moments will start lining up that take you closer to those dreams.

Search for the opportunity to feel joy and appreciation in all situations.

"Be the joy that you are searching for"

What can you focus on that brings you joy and appreciation? I would love to hear from you! Please drop a comment below!

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