Go With the Flow | Let Go of Your Inner Limitations

As I was listening to Abraham Hicks messages on Esther and Jerry Hicks’ YouTube Channel yesterday, one message, in particular, stood out to me among others. That message was “go with the flow“.

That wasn’t something new that I had never heard before. In fact, it is a very common thing to say. But the way that Abraham explained its meaning resonated with me to my core.

image of the viewpoint of sitting in a boat on the water.

“Why struggle against the current when you can sit back, relax, and go with the flow?”

-Abraham Hicks

It’s not about “hard work”.

They said that as a society, we are told from early childhood that nothing will come to us without hard work. Nothing will happen without a struggle. The struggle is where we receive glory and admiration. Without that struggle, then we must be seen as lazy, or unworthy.

But the universe says that isn’t so. We are not put here to struggle. Yes, it is good to put our focus on a goal or a wish. But really, the harder we push, the harder it is to get to that goal.

Hence, the struggle.

When we do that, we are fighting against the current. Going in the wrong direction. Making it way harder on ourselves than it ever needed to be.

Image of person letting go of a feather.
Photo by Paul Gilmore

Let go.

Instead, we are meant to turn our little boats around and go with the flow. Allow the current, which is source energy, to guide us toward the goal or manifestation that we desire. Let go. It is all about letting go.

If you were raised around religious people, you have probably heard the phrase “Let go and let God”. And that’s it. Let go and let God, or the Source Energy, or Universal Energy, guide you to that which you are wishing for.

As soon as you put your dreams and wishes out into the universe, they are instantly manifested. They are out there waiting for you. “Well, what are they waiting for?”, you may ask?

Your manifestations are waiting for you to align your inner self with them. They are waiting for you to let go of your reservations and truly believe that you are worthy. Because you are worthy. Right now. Not after you struggle, struggle, struggle.

Right this very second.

Who said anything about logistics?

I know what you are thinking. “How?” “There are so many things that I must do before that can happen!”

Stop worrying about the logistics of how you are going to achieve it. When you do that, you are focusing on the wrong sort of energy. You are feeding the negativity inside of you, and sending that negative energy out along with your desires. You are causing yourself to be out of alignment with that which you desire.

Imagine that you already have it. Allow yourself to feel the happiness and joy that you will experience once it is yours. Don’t worry about how, or when. Don’t worry about what everyone else will think when you suddenly have it, because you didn’t struggle for it. Just know it is already out there for you to have it.

Image of woman floating on a pegasus shaped pool float.
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky 

Which will you choose?

So, which will you choose? Are you going to put your boat in and start paddling furiously against the current? Or, are you going to wisen up, sit back, and enjoy the ride downstream?

Drop those oars.

Let go.

Go with the flow.

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